Jackson Pollock’s “Mural”

Jackson Pollock’s Mural

Date: March 11 – June 1, 2014
Location: West Pavilion, Plaza Level, Getty Center


(Mural, 1943, Jackson Pollock. Oil and casein on canvas. University of Iowa Museum of Art, Gift of Peggy Guggenheim, 1959.6. Reproduced with permission from the University of Iowa)

Commissioned by art collector and dealer Peggy Guggenheim for the entry to her New York City apartment in 1943, Mural by Jackson Pollock  is considered one of the iconic paintings of the twentieth century. Now in the collection of the University of Iowa Museum of Art, it represents a transitional moment in Pollock’s career, as he moved toward an experimental application of paint.

Up close…



Although this Mural is famously known as being painted in a day, research done by Getty conservators proved otherwise.


Too many people…

If you want to see more details of the amount of work that was put into the conservation of this mural, watch the video below:

Jackson Pollock’s “Mural”

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